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    • 28 Jun 2019

    1. ART CLUB: Skecthing Poem

    The topic of the activity was sketching the poem. The poem was on a 'Rainy Day'. 70 participants were present. Papers to be sketched upon were provided. The winners of this sketching competition were as follows: 1st PUC 1st place - Roopesh .P (19P6565 - IO) 2nd place-Vivek Prajapathi (19P3369- IH) 3rd place- Rahul .V (19P5776-IL) 2ND PUC 1ST place-Debarish Ganju (18P2384- 2F) 2nd place-Joseph R Vishal (18P1311-2B) 3rd place- Jeevan Aaron (18P2369- 2F) 2. BOOK CLUB Teachers In-charge: Ms. Pratheeksha (English) and Ms. Madhuri (Commerce) Event name: Bookish Tales Date and Time of the Event: 28 June 2019, 11:30 PM Description: The contestants were asked to speak about their favorite book within a time limit of two minutes. They had to convince the audience to read the book and a poll was taken on how many members would read that particular book. The event had 13 participants, and the following students won the event: 1st Place: Christy (Ist year 'Q') 2nd Place: Ullas (Ist year 'J') 3. ELECTRONICS CLUB TEACHERS INCHARGE : Mrs. M Savitha, Mrs. Kavitha V EVENT NAME : "GUESS WHO?" DATE AND TIME OF EVENT CONDUCTED The Event was conducted on 5th July 2019 from 11:30 am to 12:20 pm Venue: P-307 DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT The event was to find the scientist name with the help of the clues given. Correct answers must be written in the space provided. To help more in this regard two or three alphabets were also mentioned in the space provided to write the answer. It was an individual event. 27 students took part in this event and the results were also declared on the same day. The winners are: I - Place : Soumik Dutta - II F (18P2380) II - Place : Ujwal D Jain - IE (19P2165) III - Place: 1. Shreyans Nahar s - II F (18P2383) 2. Reuben Raj - I F (19P2361) 4. DRAMATICS CLUB TEACHERS INCHARGE : Mr K VENKATESH AND Miss SANCHANA D EVENT NAME : MONO ACTING DATE AND TIME OF THE EVENT : 5TH JUNE 2019, 11.30am DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT : The event was carried out well by the Co coordinators and the office bearers. There was active participation by the members of the club and also the other students. PRICE WINNERS Pranav vivek (2Q) (18P4107) - 1ST Toshith (2I) (18P5185) - 2ND DARSHAN S (1 0) (19P6506) - 3RD 5. HEALTH CLUB Teacher Incharge: Ms. Supriya, Ms. Satya, Ms Roslin. Event name: Debate Date and Time of the event conducted: 28/6/2019. 11:30am. Description of the event: Health club organized a debate on the topic 'Allopathy vs Ayurveda' on 28th June 2019 at 11:25 am. The programme began with the prayer, followed by a talk on 'The toxins in natural and processed food' by Akhil. Participants actively participated in the event. An informative and interactive question and answer session happened at the end of the event. 6. PRESS CLUB Event name: REPORT WRITING COMPETITION Teacher Incharge: Ms.Eunice Asha, Ms. Tanvija, Mr. Prabhat karn When 22 hit the event, each began to tremble! SJPUC, 05 July 2019 To the record, the contestants of the 1st event organised by the Press Club of SJPUC had a blood horrendous and stiff competition. The Press Club rolled out an open Report Writing event for the Josephites. Everyone were adequately instructed to pen down the current relationship between India and China. Contestants will hit the portion on the basis of the following criteria: (i) Coverage and the depth of report information. (ii) Language proficiency and accuracy. (iii) Creativity in presentation. The event kicked off at 11:45 am and was wrapped at 12:05 pm. Many photographers paid visit to capture the perfect frame of intellectual intensity. The scripts of the contestants were handed over to the coordinator by the office bearers. The result is to be judged by Mr. C.N. Sharath of Chemistry department. Eventually necessary formalities were completed and people dispersed. Winner List: 1st Place: M. Mohamed Khalid (18P3115) II-G 2nd Place: Meet P Maru (19P6552) I-O 3rd Place: Tom Alben J (19P1736) I-D